For Photographers, Institutions and Professionals


Do not waste time managing, enhance and distribute your thousands of digital documents, use Cocoon

To manage your Digital Assets

Cumulus Workgroup & Cumulus Enterprise

Cumulus enables companies to easily organize, find, share and create digital content — on any platform.

To manage your Digital Assets in the Cloud


Picturepark®, Digital Asset Management software, offers an easy to use and an innovative approach, in addition to running in the cloud or on your server.

To increase your productivity

Idéa7 Solutions

Our solutions can create and automatically update your publications, catalogs, or advertising materials produced by all communications services, marketing ...

To edit online your documents

CHILI Publisher

Imagine a software layout professional quality, customizable within your website or in your workflow, CHILI Editor brings this power.

To overcome the Paper Catalogs

FSI Server / FSI Viewer
FSI Pages & Pages Mobile

Discover a new way to create your e-catalogs, e-brochures and viewing from your computer or your mobile Apple iPhone, iPad, Google Android. Give presentations of 3D stereoscopic images with FSI Viewer 5.0


WSVideo 3.0

Improved support for video content.

  • Edit, export in differents formats
  • Share videos to YouTube, Dailymotion and Viméo
  • Manage YouTube and Dailymotion multiple Channels and playlists
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